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Emerald Tablet Necklace | Sterling Silver

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"Live with purpose"

The Emerald Tablet is an ancient Hermetic document that contains the foundational teachings of alchemy, including how to transform the lead of self into the gold of spirit. What remains of these teachings can only be found in translations, and the timeline is punctuated by lengthy gaps and notable periods in history. It is one of the most mysterious texts ever recorded.

While no one in the modern world has seen it, accounts of the Emerald Tablet describe a slab of brilliant, crystalline green stone engraved with Phoenician text. Some believe the tablet holds the secrets of the universe, derived from ancient Atlantean teachings.

May this necklace remind you to cherish your inner alchemy - all that you are and all that you choose to be.

  • Sterling Silver Pendant Featuring A Faceted Rectangular Green Quartz And Two Faceted Triangular White Topaz

  • Sterling Silver Cable Chain & Lobster Clasp

  • Handmade In Vancouver B.C.
  • 24" Length

White topaz is described as the road map that will direct you to where you want to feel. It’s a personal energetic cleaner that works to remove stagnant energy and heal blockages that may have built up over time. This soothing light energy is helpful when things get sticky.

Green Quartz is a grounding heart chakra gemstone that balances and soothes the energy body. It’s also an excellent crystal for creativity and problem solving. If you need to loosen your grip, make a plan, and cooperate with yourself (a.k.a. get out of your own way), this would be a helpful addition to your collection.

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