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The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC

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This deck has been created as a separate edition from its original predecessor (the Starchild Tarot), to connect with new realms of topics (and worlds) to explore. Although both decks are unique from one another, they highlight the Cosmic-Starseed themes throughout both versions. This Akashic deck has new artwork, card backs, spiritual keys, and box designs.

With this special edition, each image is imbued with its own symbology, sacred geometry and magic, to help guide you along your journey into the Akasha and beyond...

  • Tarot contains 79 cards and guidebook.


So what does “Akashic” mean?

The “Akasha” or Akashic Records is an infinite resource of information that can be accessed to help learn more about our divine blueprints. Also known as the great “library” or “Hall of Records”, it is a representation of the primordial life force energies that exist in all things (physical and non-physical), the collective consciousness, as well as every thought, action, word, or emotion that has ever existed throughout our Universe. As so much is stored within this database, it is constantly changing and updating with new information – much like a living energy (which can also be described as divine Source, or the mind of the universe).

Accessing the Akashic records can be done in various ways, with reading the Tarot as one fine example.

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